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The Solopreneur Playbook

How To Become a 6-Figure Solopreneur, Alex Hormozi Style
A Simple Playbook curated & designed by Moe Choice

With this playbook, you'll discover how to create your stand-out position as a solopreneur so that you set yourself up properly for a high-profit revenue of $15,000+ each month in a just matter of months, regardless of where you are in your journey.

Alex Hormozi’s first book “$100 Million Offers” is a must read for anyone serious about doing their own thing. I use it effectively for both myself and my clients, and while doing so, developed a simplified, practical playbook, which I found to be easier to use than the actual book itself.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 183445.png

Working through this playbook, you will:​

  • Choose your Dream Client: uncover the challenges your dream clients are facing, so you can create their dream solution

  • Identify their Dream Outcome: articulate what drives them, what truly matters, and what they ultimately desire

  • Create your Dream Offer: learn about the Value Equation and how to ensure you optimise all 4 elements

  • Adopt world-class Marketing tactics: learn how to enhance your offer, using scarcity, urgency, and guarantees

  • Discover the art of Presenting & Delivery: identify the best way to present your offer, and deliver a top-rated service

Here's a short video from Moe about this playbook.

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