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A Story of Death & Rebirth

Since 2000, I built 12 businesses (generating millions in the process)

before taking 2 to scale & exit.

I helped artists grow their personal brands globally while skyrocketing their income.

I earned stupid money & lived a ridiculous lifestyle.

and decided I didn't want ANY of what I had.

I experienced severe depression for 2 years

before leaving it all behind to pursue something more meaningful.

I literally left everything behind in Dubai,

armed with just the clothes on my back & my passport.

I started from scratch.

I believed that through the inward journey, a formidable player would emerge.

Aged 37, while broke & living with my parents, I became a certified coach.
I offered free sessions in exchange for coffee.
5 years later, I was earning $10k a month.

Then came Covid.
I lost everything. Overnight. Again.
I knew I would have to re-invent myself. Again.

I focused on LinkedIn.
I built a personal brand.
I went from $0 to $15k months inside a year.

I now live a life of freedom & independence.

I decide what work I want, when I want it, and from wherever I want to be.

Why should you care?

Well, if you are unhappy with what you have, then you may want to pay attention.

This is the Era of the Solopreneur.
The world benefits from our expertise while we get to do what we love.

Many of you will walk away for more security

after a year or so of feeling overworked & overwhelmed.

The thing is, it's not your fault.
You didn't have a system.
I have that system.

I built the foundations pre-Covid and proved it works post-Covid.
Over and over and over again.

I now build that system for you, so you can focus on scaling your impact

without the fear of failure or the reality of burnout.


Peace ✌
Moe Choice

Then, in 2012, I lost my closest friend to a sudden heart attack

Here are some of the artists I have supported:

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Professional Certified Coach & Facilitator

"Moe is an exceptional individual, full of charisma, endless energy and a serious depth of thinking. He knows how to ask powerful questions, challenge the status quo and evoke new ways of thinking with passion, clarity and direction. He is a great mentor, challenger and thinker."


Scrum Master Trainer, Published Author

"Moe is one of the most insightful, thoughtful and curious people I have ever encountered. While he takes his work very seriously he doesn't take himself too seriously. On a continuous learning journey himself, you'll find your mind opening to his ideas, and your heart opening to his person. Most highly recommended."

Rebecca Moore (1).png

Meditation, Breathwork and Bodywork Facilitator

"Working with Moe provided much needed clarity around my life goals and purpose. As well as deep listening and thought-provoking questions, he offers useful insights, exercises and tools for self-development. Our sessions leave me feeling empowered and capable of making decisions that lead to desirable results."

Here's 3 ways I can support you


The 216

An 8-week intensive to build your standout position as a 6-figure solopreneur, and set your up for successful promotion.

20211216 TOPPTrack0001.png

The One Page Plan

A bootcamp that brings you the clarity, the confidence, and the commitment needed to make it as a 6-figure solopreneur.


The Masterclass

How to become a 6-figure solopreneur, bringing my key lessons from the past 24 years, delivered live and direct.

Latest Podcast Appearances

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Documenting and sharing what I discover along the way...

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